Monday, 27 May 2013

Rocking it Retro Style! x

Rocking It RETRO!

Hey Everyone, Sorry i haven't done a new article but i promise you i have been working on the Blog in other ways! I am preparing for our Photo Shoot, so excited, can't wait to show all the pictures to all you hunnies!!

Today's Blog is about a Vintage BOYS room, we are steering away from Shabby Chic for this one and heading towards RETRO! I have had so many requests and hay? why shouldn't i? Boys can have vintage style to!! I will try and get through all the requests, so stay in tune and Contact us  if you have any ideas you would like us to explore.

Retro has a simplistic view on it and is jazzed up by the accessories! Like this living area here,
A CLASSIC example of Retro, Love it! Pure Genius!

However the accessories could be replaced with bright patterns and Colours, Like for example this retro wallpaper...
This shows the detail some retro designs can show, this is a plainer design in colour, however the furniture and accessories all tie in to give it that Retro's look!

Retro is all about not being afraid to mix and match and experiment. It is all about the bold patterns , and it shows the technique of clashing beautifully! Don't be afraid to let your personality influence your design, for example here is a gorgeous room, with a hand done collaged wallpaper...

This can be bold, bright , patterned , whatever you like! I would advise you not to go to far by using a colour not in the wallpaper if the wallpaper is colourful and bold!
You could put a modern twist on it...
This is a modern version, co-operating with bright colours and unusual shapes!

Or you could stick to the classic stuff (My personal favorite , but it doesn't hurt to show the options)...
Then there are the more bold and outgoing designs...
The colours tie in here , and the patterns represent a classic clash in Retro style!
This has the amazing three stripe pattern randomly going around the room, it has bold colours and i simply adore it!

Now there is the Retro accessories! Now these can vary depending on the design , but here are a few cutie examples...
The accessories in this photograph , really bring the whole piece to life!
This is an overwhelming photograph, with so many Retro accessories , OMG!!

These are some lovely cushions, encouraging the orange pallet, a popular colour in Retro!

Well there you have it Boys, a little something for you! Please don't forget to support us and recommend any ideas for new articles! Please comment below anything that you may have that is Retro or Retro inspired or post a photo to us on Facebook! I would love to hear from you! Thank you for Reading! Much Love, Buttercup x x

Pictures are from Google. We have no ownership or copyright over these letters. All copyright belongs to and the original owners.


  1. Thank you for the constructive words we will take them into account x x

  2. Thank you for your blog comment. I have listed all the fairs that I attend down the sidebar of my blog. I hope that is helpful! Liz

  3. Thanks very much! We are now thinking about going to the Norwich Vintage Fair! On the 8th of June. If you are free I highly reccomend going. I realise it must be quite a distance from where you live, but I urge that it sounds like a lovely day